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Cuidado con los seguros de RC. Parte I.

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Cuidado con los seguros de RC. Parte II.

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Jurisprudencia y obligación de medios y resultados

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Autonomía del menor de edad

En el ámbito de la autonomía del paciente, tal y como lo han venido sentando...

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La información al paciente: elemento esencial.

Desde que, ya en el año 2009, la Sala de lo Civil del Tribunal Supremo iniciara un cambio en el rumbo de la doctrina jurisprudencial existente hasta el momento...

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At Domínguez Ventura Abogados Asociados we offer our clients comprehensive and specialised service, from preventive counselling to the defence of our clients' interest before courts of any jurisdiction.

Our areas of expertise are:

Health Law

Derecho Sanitario

The whole team at Domínguez Ventura Abogados Asociados is highly specialised within the fields of health and bioethics legislation, as well as protection of personal data within the health care sector. We give constant and continuous advice to our clients, who are mostly hospitals (public and private) and health professionals, concerning matters that worry them in their organisation and in the daily practice of their profession.

We also offer a risk management service.

The outstanding experience we have gained before the courts allows us to defend our clients in civil, criminal and administrative cases based on claims arising as a consequence of professional action within the health care sector.

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Civil Law

We have extensive experience of advising and defending our clients in matters related to casualty law, civil liability of any kind and insurance. Within this sector we advise and defend insurance companies and their policyholders as well as individuals. We can guide them in aspects related to their insurances from the moment they contract the service, or defend them against any contingency derived from the undersigned policy.

We also cover legal advice and defence within other areas of civil law, such as family, disabilities, obligations and contracts.

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Criminal Law

Derecho Penal

We are able to offer defence in any kind of criminal case, mainly focusing on people accused of reckless misdemeanour or crime committed as a consequence of fulfilling their duties, practising their profession or other specific activity.

We also handle defence regarding criminal liability of minors and we advise companies on criminal liability risk that may affect them, their management and/or administrative bodies.

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Administrative Law

Derecho Administrativo

We advise our clients on compliance with and observance of administrative norms and we defend them, should it come to that, before administrations and courts in any kind of administrative procedure (for example: infringement, protection of rights related to personal data, lack of administrative authorisations etc.) that they may be involved in.

We also defend our clients in cases concerning public administration pecuniary liability.

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External Services

We have a network of highly qualified consultants at our disposal who collaborate with our team in the fields of labour and taxation.

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